PinkFong Baby Shark Stuffed

One of the ways to show your kid love is by surprising it with some gifts especially during holidays or during birthday ceremonies.

PinkFong Baby Shark Stuffed

Children need to be brought up with care and, love. One of the ways to show your kid love is by surprising it with some gifts especially during holidays or during birthday ceremonies. The most common gift now days is Baby Shark Toy.

From the Baby Shark (do do do do do do…) phenomenon, meet Pinkfong, the super cute prince from the planet Staria who loves to help children learn & develop while having fun.

His super soft plush coat, gold crown and star pendant make him the perfect cuddling companion and great for imaginary play.

This adorable 30cm soft toy will delight any fan of the popular YouTube series.

Please Note: This toy does not sing.

Product Description

Type: plush pinkfong

Material:soft plush

Size 26cm or customized

Color:Pink or customized


1.Normal packaging: 1pc/opp bag

2.2. Do as your request

Delivery time

3-7 days for stock products, 15-30days for OEM/ODM

What is Baby Shark?

A baby Shark is a kid’s song, that was sung about a family of sharks. Pinkfong, a South Korean company produced this song. Baby Shark started going viral in Southeast Asia. With the help of social media and other forms of communication, it has been popular since the mid-2010s. People believe that Baby shark originated from a chant with some believing that the baby shark was based on traditional myths. There is also a group of individuals who believe that it developed by camp counselors that were inspired by the movie Jaws.

Baby shark toy for a small child is designed in such a way that it cannot cause any harm to it at all. It is a product that was launched after thorough testing so that it will not be dangerous to your children from any angle.

Toys are designed such a way to excite the children as well as to make them feel safe. Toys come in different forms and shapes, but the most popular one is the baby shark toy.

Why is Baby Shark So Popular?

Baby Shark is popular because it catches the attention of almost all the children. The song is really cute, and all the children love it. Kids of various age groups love it. The song is popular in most places because whenever it is sung, the children tend to calm down, they stop what they were doing, and they pay attention to it.

Whether you have children close to you or not, Baby shark may be everywhere. It is a dance craze. It is an earworm. It is a meme.

Baby shark has a perfect catchy tune. It is a song that children like singing all the time whey they are playing or when they are doing some constructive activities.

Baby shark song is among the very few kid’s songs to have ever entered the Billboard Hot 100. This song scored the highest in the January 12 edition of the Hot 100.

But how does this toddler YouTube go viral? How does is it become a cultural phenomenon? Read this article to the end so that you can understand why this toddler song has become so popular.

If you have never heard of the Baby Shark song, then you are in for a treat. This song is very addictive to both the toddlers and the adults. It can be stuck in your head for many days, but it will make you smile thereby adding some days to your life.

The Baby Shark song has been a worldwide hit among the young kids and by extension, their parents since the first day it was posted to YouTube back in the year 2016. The reason as to why it has become so popular in recent days is the fact that the song is simple and entertaining to both the toddlers and the adults.

The song is also ridiculously catchy as well as visually enticing. Baby shark song is well made, the children are adorable, and the song meshes well with the whimsical mix of animations and live action.

Those factors have made the Baby Shark Song a dominant YouTube hit. Currently, the song stands at more than 2.2 billion YouTube views, causing it to stand among the top twenty-five most watched songs in the history of YouTube.

Note that Baby Shark Son

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