Basic use of Game machine

Date:Aug 05, 2019

Game machine is a widely used electronic measuring instrument. It can transform the invisible electrical signals into visible images, so that people can study the changes of various electrical phenomena. A lot of physics experiments will need to use the Game machine, let me explain the basic use of the Game machine for you!

I used the Game machine, the panel settings section I will not repeat, and directly demonstrate the use.Before the game machine is used for the first time or when it is used for a long time, it is necessary to perform a simple check of whether it can work or not, and adjust the stability of the scanning circuit and the DC balance of the vertical amplifier circuit. The Game machine must also calibrate the vertical amplification circuit gain and horizontal scanning speed when performing quantitative tests on voltage and time. 

Select scan speed: Set the X-axis scan speed t/div switch to the appropriate level based on the approximate value of the signal period being measured. In actual use, if you do not need to read the time value, you can adjust the sweep speed t/div fine adjustment knob to display the waveform of the number of cycles required for the test. If you need to observe the edge of the signal, the sweep t/div switch should be placed in the fastest sweep.Input the signal to be measured: After the signal to be measured is attenuated by the probe, input the Game machine through the Y-axis input.

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