Carbon bike parts accessories will have a long-term future

Date:Aug 16, 2019

For Carbon bike parts, we are no strangers.Many riders are ignoring or confusing the basic performance and usage conditions of many Carbon bike parts when pursuing the high performance and aesthetic appearance of Carbon bike parts, and many of the combinations that seem reasonable should be wrong.

Mountain Carbon bike parts selection and use of misunderstanding two summary: 1. Longer crankshaft crank length is more labor-saving. 2. Disc brake maintenance costs. 3. The rear seat tube is beautiful (the cooperation of the seat length, seat tube and crankshaft crank length).

Mountain Carbon bike parts selection and use of misunderstanding three summary: 1. Relying on the front fork upper tube to adjust the height of the handlebars. 2. The pneumatic front fork is better than the oil spring fork. 3. The lighter the Carbon bike parts, the better. 4. The self-locking system is very risky and simple to crash.China is not only the "Kingdom" of Carbon bike parts, but also the "Kingdom" produced by Carbon bike parts worldwide.

Carbon bike parts are traditional industries with a history of more than 100 years. Because of environmental protection and traffic problems, Carbon bike parts have once again become the favorite transportation and fitness things for residents of all countries in the world, especially developed countries. At present, the focus of the world's Carbon bike parts is changing from traditional transportation to sports, mountain and leisure. In the developed countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan, Carbon bike parts is a more common sport and fitness. , leisure and entertainment products.

At present, China has become the largest production base of Carbon bike parts in the world. The whole vehicle production plant and spare parts production plant have reached more than 500 and more than 700. The top five international manufacturers are in China. In 2005, China produced 80.43 million Carbon bike parts and exported 53.58 million.With the continuous development of Carbon bike parts, our Carbon bike parts manufacturers should do more related work.

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