Carbon bike parts name

Date:Aug 20, 2019

Carbon bike parts can be roughly divided according to their functions:

1Carbon bike parts: The main body of the bicycle, including the frame, front fork, handlebar, saddle and front fork.

2Carbon bike parts transmission parts: including ankles, cranks, sprockets, chains, center axles and flywheels.

3Carbon bike parts in the action part: front and rear wheels, including front and rear axle parts, spokes, rims (rims), tires, etc.

4Carbon bike parts safety devices: including brakes (brakes), lights, bells, reflectors, etc.

Add some accessories in Carbon bike parts, such as brackets, hangers, safety forks, fenders, and air cylinders, as needed. In addition, a sports car, a race car, a mountain bike, etc. equipped with a shifting mechanism are also equipped with a shifting controller and a front and rear derailleurs.

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