Categories for plush toy

Date:Jan 16, 2020

Plush toy have the characteristics of lifelike cuteness, soft touch, no fear of squeezing, easy cleaning, strong decoration, high safety, and wide application to the crowd. And there are noses, mouths, eyes, etc., the shape is very realistic. Therefore, plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decorating houses, and giving gifts as gifts.

According to consumer preferences, there are currently several popular categories of plush toys:
1. According to the shape source of plush toys, they are divided into cartoon plush figures and animal plush figures;
Humanoid doll: It is a plush doll made in the shape of a human body according to the proportion of the human body. It is exactly the same as a real person.
Animal dolls: Plush dolls made in the form of various animals through the process of plush toys. Very realistic.
2. According to the plush length of plush dolls, it is divided into plush toy and super soft short plush dolls;
3. According to the names of people's favorite animals, they are divided into plush toy bears, plush toy teddy bears, etc.
4. According to the stuffed stuffed toy, it is divided into PP cotton plush toy and foam particle doll.

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