Children's toy buying guide

Date:Jan 14, 2020

Toys are children's playmates. Toys can also promote children's various sensory activities and can also cause children's association activities. Although children's toys can bring so much fun to children. But when parents buy toys for children, some shopping methods have to pay attention.

Buy note

The colors are too bright and the colors fade carefully-colored toys are children's favorite toys. Very beautiful, such as some painted colorful blocks, plastic toys, colorful balloons with beautiful patterns, etc. are all toys that baby loves very much. Although these toys are held in your hand and you can't see the color falling off by touching them with your hands, these brightly colored toys may use spray paint, and these spray paint may contain lead. If the baby often plays with such toys and does not pay attention to washing his hands after playing, it is easy to cause lead poisoning.

When new toys are purchased, they should be cleaned up first. Many people may think that newly purchased toys look clean, and there will be no problems. Cleaning is a superfluous thing. However, the new toys placed in the mall are also easily infected with bacteria, especially those toys that have no outer packaging. The customers who came to select them are actually very dirty. Therefore, the toys that you just buy and play often need to be cleaned and disinfected before you can play with them.

Electric toys are very attractive to babies-you can play with them safely without electricity. The battery of the electric toy needs to be replaced regularly, or the chemicals in it will affect the baby's health. For some electric toys with gears, belts and other transmission mechanisms, if the baby accidentally pulls out the small accessories inside, it may jam into the mouth and cause dangerous situations such as suffocation. It may also insert the little finger with the switch on and hurt Therefore, when buying an electric toy, be sure to observe whether these parts of it are covered, so as to avoid danger to the baby.

A sturdy toy is not necessarily good—though a sturdy toy will not break, cut, or let the baby put some broken pieces into his mouth, but some toys with hard surfaces, such as metal guns, airplanes, Rockets, etc., they may also scratch the baby's skin or smash the baby's hands and feet, etc. Please pay attention when playing, it is best to have an adult to watch over.

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