Decompression toys -Squishy toys

Date:Jan 13, 2020

The first prerequisite for decompression toys is that they must be "anti-toss"-no matter how you squeeze, crush, smash, fall, pinch, it will not be broken or scrapped. Such toys are qualified decompression toys. For example, "fall light bulb", the outside is soft plastic, which is filled with shock-absorbing liquid. When you are depressed, take a non-stop throw on the wall! White-collar workers suffer from depression due to overtime work or excessive work pressure, and even the news of overwork and death often appears in newspapers, causing people living under stress to pay attention to their physical health and eating habits. But another important element that is often overlooked is mental health. Stress is intangible and mental. If you can't adjust your mental stress in time, it will also cause great disaster. Therefore, when everyone is working, don't forget to buy a few decompression toys to relieve stress! Of course, life stress is universal. Although "decompression toys" can temporarily relieve stress, it will also strengthen people's dissatisfaction. Office workers should correctly analyze their stressors, learn to regulate themselves, and seek multiple ways to relieve them. pressure.

You have pressure, I have pressure. "Three years ago, a complaint from the uncle of the Hong Kong bus became an oral word. Three years later, when the economic crisis came, fewer and fewer people kept the word" stress "in their mouths, not because There is no pressure, but it ’s because no one listens, and it ’s no use, because everyone has pressure. Who is the “trash can”? So, some people get comfort from pets, and some people look for them in books. Consolation, there are still some people "helping" with toys. In this regard, the Japanese are pioneers. As early as 1996 when the economic bubble burst, Japan has created a "healing" toy-electronic chicken. This kind of " "Pets" gave people a carrier to "send affection", so it quickly became popular in Japan and the world. The emergence of electronic chickens made people feel for the first time that toys have enough temptation and healing power for adults.

It is true that the pace of society is getting faster and faster. No matter what age people are, they have their own pressure, the pressure of learning? Stress at work? A series of decompression toys have also emerged from time to time, and the sales of each one are not bad. There are even super explosive models that are popular all over the world!

It is rumored that Squishy Toy will be an explosive decompression toy after the fingertip top.

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