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Date:Oct 28, 2019

If you love games, you must have missed the Hollywood blockbuster game movie, ready player one.There are a lot of nostalgic elements in the movie, and the reappearance of classic scenes leads the players into a dream-like VR world.At the end of the film, director Steven spielberg pays tribute to atari, the creator of the game market.The tribute is filled with a sense of age, ranging from the atari 2600 to the Easter egg elements from adventure games, inspiring a collective wave of remembrance among players around the world.

Wouldn't it be amazing if I told you that there was a place where classics could be reproduced and you could experience them?August 18 solstice October 14 (public Open Day), shenzhen joy coast OCT creative exhibition center and outdoor plaza, bloom culture & innovation will join hands with the British barbican art center to open the "GameOn bloom" China tour exhibition, showing not only the "atari 2600", but also other classic game consoles.Today, let's reveal the top 10 cities in the pavilion, which is also the basic knowledge you must get before viewing the exhibition.


The nintendo wii, the video game revolution


I believe that most game fans have owned nintendo Wii, and whether the novel gaming experience is quite exciting for you, whether the "stick handle + motion control" is exciting for you.In the game, 

"handle" can be transformed into racket, steering wheel, weapon and so on for pointing, positioning and motion induction, thus generating various movements in the game. Its unique game mode subverts traditional games.Its "motion-sensing" experience has brought a huge impact on the game industry, leading to the revolution of motion-sensing games, breaking through the bottleneck of the game mode unchanged for decades.

The beginning of wireless gamepad - nintendo NGC


Do you remember the days when you sat in front of the TV and played video games?

Do you remember the days when you sat in front of the TV and played video games?Due to the limited length of the gamepad, it was only possible to get close to the TV.However, NGC has changed since it was introduced. The great power of NGC game console lies in the wavebird (wireless controller), which opens the life of wireless controller instead of being limited to the length of data cable.Wavebird also won the best foreign policy award at E3 2002.

Launch the era of 3D gaming -- nintendo N64


In an age of only "up and down or so, nintendo N64 was the first to open the new mode 3 d games, it's" the trident handle "broke the handle can't travel all location difficulty, the 3 d scene is a game in the history of the most important output equipment, its significance is greater than the arcade rocker and even cross key, it has, including analog sticks, trigger buttons and vibration of three design opened up 3 d era.Classic games such as the legend of zelda: the flute of time and super Mario 64 have combined perfectly with the analog joystick to make players highly praise the N64. Now the 3D era has arrived, but the standard equipment is still the analog joystick of the N64.

One of the most famous "home games" : SONY Playstation

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