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Date:Nov 01, 2019

Today, video game consoles are more popular than Nolan bushnell, the inventor of the first video game console, could have imagined.From the largest cities in the world to the smallest villages, from New York's most glorious playground to the smallest children's playground in the Caucasus, thousands of such "battles" are being waged in millions of households, with countless successes and failures, excitement and frustration.Video game consoles have created a global craze that no other entertainment can match.But what makes consoles so popular?After reviewing the brief history of the development of game consoles, it is not difficult to realize that technological progress has greatly promoted the development of game consoles.

But technological advances are by no means the only factor in the popularity of consoles.This can be found in the history of nintendo.In 1982, the nintendo company headquarters of ministy palace show design out of the popular "super Mary", by the end of 1992 the game card has already hit $445 million in sales record, but the capacity of the game was only 40 k, the technical composition is much lower than sega games, but has not been a sega game sales is better than the game.Mr. Miyamoto, in response to the success of the game, said his image of marley -- a stubborn Italian plumber who shares many personalities -- was popular.Hiroshi yamauchi, nintendo's leader, was even more blunt: "with new technology they [sega] can get into the market ahead of us, but frankly, our content is better."Nintendo is relying on the choice of good theme, good design of the strong strength and sega company to compete.It can be said that good game content and advanced technology are complementary to each other, they together make the popularity of game consoles.

There are other social factors, of course.The popularity of video games is far from peaking, or even reaching the height of a mountain range.Every year video game companies all over the world bring out new shows, and technology makes it possible to make even better shows.It may not be long before the console industry surpasses all entertainment industries as the number one spiritual enjoyment.                                

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