How can I choose high quality Carbon bike parts?

Date:Aug 07, 2019

When choosing Carbon bike parts, we need a high quality, and for Carbon bike parts, how can we choose the quality?The frame is equivalent to the human skeleton and various Carbon bike parts are installed with the frame. The frame is made of iron, aluminum alloy and other materials. The characteristics of the entire Carbon bike parts are affected by the angle formed by the length of the pipe. For example, Carbon bike parts with good straight lines, Carbon bike parts that are easy to rotate, comfortable Carbon bike parts, etc., many of these factors are determined by the framework.

Light, fast, and flexible are one of the goals pursued by the frame. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to look at the crafts of various frame manufacturers. In order to achieve this goal, we must also look at the processes of various frame manufacturers. If the design of the frame is designed according to the strength and characteristics of the material, the welding process is mature. These directly affect the frame, the strength of the appearance and the flexibility. More important is painting, a good frame evenly painted, and sprayed 3-4 layers of paint. Do not underestimate the paint. Good paint can make Carbon bike parts easy to maintain. Not easy to rust. If you load a car with a frame that does not meet the above requirements, there may be Carbon bike parts that cannot be directly or difficult to turn, or Carbon bike parts will quickly retreat.

The most is the iron frame, but the iron frame is also divided into chrome-molybdenum steel, high-strength steel, ordinary steel, etc., adding other 10000-point frame iron, after adding these other components, it can, for example, be made into a thinner pipe. Make the overall frame lighter. Recently, a frame using a material other than iron, such as an aluminum alloy material, has appeared on the basis of no reduction in strength. In the Carbon bike parts competition, there is a frame using titanium carbon fiber material.

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