How long is Towel's life?

Date:Jul 27, 2019

Most companies now use the cotton Towel. The cotton has a relatively balanced performance. It can handle most of the cleaning work. It is also better to clean. It can be cleaned with any washing product, but it will breed a lot of bacteria for long-term use. It also produces a lot of mixed stains. Repeated use will reduce Towel's performance. Although it can be used continuously, it can't achieve the ideal cleaning effect. This is a problem that many companies ignore, which causes many workers to take longer to carry out. Wiping, which indirectly reduces work efficiency, should be replaced in a timely manner, heavy industry should be replaced once a month, and light industry should be replaced at least three months, and home use is best also monthly Towel replacement.

Towel replacement should be based on the environment in which it is used. Different industries and environments have different frequency and frequency of replacement. Therefore, it should be slowly mastered in actual control to achieve the most suitable time, which can reduce pollution and save. Towel's funds.

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