How to buy plush dolls?

Date:Jan 16, 2020

Plush dolls are one of the favorite toys for children and young people, but there may be dangers in things that look good, so we should be happy and happy while thinking that safety is our greatest Wealth! It is especially important to buy good plush doll products.
1. First of all, what age group needs, and then buy different toys according to different age groups, mainly considering safety and practicality.
2. Whether the material of the outer cloth is exquisite and hygienic. It is divided into high and low grades of raw materials, long and short plush (fentex, ordinary yarn) velvet, brushed TIC cloth, etc. This is an important factor in determining the price of a toy. Of sellers deceive consumers by charging.
3. Look at the stuffing of plush dolls. This is another important factor affecting the price of toys. All the good stuffed cotton is PP cotton, just like the nine-hole pillow core in the supermarket, it feels very good and even. Poor stuffed cotton is black-heart cotton, which feels bad and is dirty.
4. Whether the fixing accessories are firm (the standard requirement is 90N force) is very thorny on the edge of the angry kilometer, whether the moving parts are too small, to prevent children from accidentally entering the play when they are in danger, and whether the raw materials of the same color or the same position are in the same direction Otherwise, there will be different colors under the sun, and the hair direction will be reversed, which will affect the appearance.
5. Observe whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the left and right positions are symmetrical, whether the backlog is soft and fluffy, whether the parts are sewn firmly, and whether the toy accessories are scratched or incomplete.
6. Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturers' communication addresses, etc., and whether the binding is firm.
7, check the internal and external packaging, whether the signs are consistent, whether the moisture resistance is good, the internal packaging is plastic bags, the opening size exceeds a certain range must be opened with air holes to prevent children from accidentally covering their heads with suffocation.
8. Purchase knowledge in details:
Eyes looking at toys
The eyes of high-quality plush dolls are very bright, deep, and very godly, and they feel able to communicate with them. The eyes of inferior toys are dark and rough, dull, dull, and even some toys have bubbles in the eyes.
Look at the nose and mouth of the toy
There are several types of animal noses in plush dolls, including foreskins, hand-stitched with threads, and plastic ones. Good leather noses are made of good leather or artificial leather, making the nose plump and delicate. Inferior nose leather is rough and filling is not full. The nose made of thread is divided into padded and unpadded, and there are silk, wool and cotton. Good stitched noses are very finely crafted and arranged neatly. However, there are many small workshop-type factories, and the workers are poorly trained without formal training. The advantages and disadvantages of plastic noses. It depends on the quality of their workmanship and molds. Because the quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the nose.
Materials for palms and feet
The materials of the palms and soles are also very particular. Pay special attention to its sewing method when buying, that is, whether its workmanship is fine, and whether the materials used for the palms and soles are coordinated with the main body.

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