How to choose a toy suitable for children

Date:Jan 10, 2020

Children's toys

I. 0-3 months

⒈Hanging toys-develop visual and auditory abilities.

⒉Color Facebook or smear-develop vision, color and deepen people's understanding.

⒊ Shaking toys, musical toys-develop hearing, grasping ability, and happy mood

4. Bracelets and ankles that can make sounds-develop body movements, hand-eye coordination, and causality.

Two, four to six months

⒈Gripping toys-develop hand-eye coordination, causality.

⒉Electric toys-develop hearing and cognitive abilities

⒊ Stuffed toys that can make sounds-develop auditory abilities, cognitive abilities, social behavior, physical actions, causality.

⒋ Building Blocks-Develop hand-eye coordination and fine movements.

Three, 7-9 months

⒈Tumbler——Develop fine movements, causality.

⒉ Building blocks-develop fine movements, hand-eye coordination.

⒊Balls, electric toys-practice sitting, crawling and other actions to develop cognition.

⒋All kinds of molded toys (dolls, animals, vehicles, etc.)-develop awareness and cultivate interest in food.

⒌Dragging toys-develop problem-solving skills, causality, and large muscle movements.

⒍ Rocking Horse Trojan-Exercise baby's bone development.

Four, 10-12 months

⒈Building blocks, building blocks-develop small hand muscles.

⒉Animal toys, character toys-develop language and cognitive abilities.

3, musical toys (toy piano, etc.)-auditory stimulation, promote hand-eye coordination, and develop causality.

⒋ Trolley, dragging toys-practice standing and walking.

⒌Shape classification toys——Develop shape concepts and establish preliminary classification concepts.

V. 1-2 years old

⒈Nested toys-develop hand-eye coordination, size concepts, causality.

⒉Building blocks and plastics-promote the development of hand movements and develop the concept of space.

⒊ Sports equipment (slides, swings, climbing frames, etc.)-develop movements and exercise courage.

⒋Beading-exercise small hand muscles, hand-eye coordination, and develop persistence.

Six, 3-4 years old

Educational sound toys

Educational sound toys

⒈Barrows, tricycles, big balls-whole body movements, coordinated development of movements.

⒉Mosaics, jigsaw toys, building blocks—exercise small muscles, develop shapes, and reason about space.

⒊Animal toys, electric toys-develop perception and language skills.

⒋ Character game toys (such as doll homes, toy hospital appliances)-familiar with social life.

⒌Educational sound toys-promote children's intelligence and language development

Seven, 5-6 years old

⒈Sports toys (skipping ropes, loops, large outdoor sports equipment, etc.)-develop motor skills,

Exercise size muscles and body balance and coordination. 2. Structural toys (building blocks, sand, soil, leaves and other natural materials)-cultivate thinking ability, fine movement ability, creative ability.

⒊ Role-playing toys—cultivate the ability to observe, cooperate, solve problems, and enhance understanding of society.

⒋Intellectual toys (chess, cards, puzzles, etc.)-develop intelligence, train agility in thinking

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