How to inflate the bottom of an inflatable swimming pool

Date:Mar 26, 2020

1. The electric pump is driven by electric energy and has high inflation efficiency, which is suitable for medium and large inflatable products. The ordinary inflatable swimming pool only takes 3-5 minutes. How to use: Electric pumps generally have three specifications of air nozzles, which are suitable for large, medium and small inflatable products. According to the air inlet of the pool body, select the corresponding air nozzle to cover the air inlet for inflation. If the electric pump is hot, it is recommended to stop inflation, and wait for the electric pump to cool before inflating. In addition, the electric pump can also be used for air extraction and deflation of aerated products. When disassembling, first drain the water from the lower water outlet, and drain the air from the swimming pool after it is cleaned. Dry and fold up. Store it in the correct way.

2. The foot pump is manually driven, and the inflation efficiency is average, suitable for small and medium-sized inflatable baby swimming pools. It usually takes more than 30 minutes to use the foot pump for ordinary inflatable baby swimming pools. How to use: Do not use too much force when inflating with a foot pump. You need to use it evenly. During the inflation process, the valve pops up and needs to be reinserted.

3. The hand pump is manually driven and has a slow inflation rate, which is suitable for small inflatable products. It is not recommended for inflatable baby swimming pools.

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