Inflatable child swimming pool inflating and repairing method

Date:Mar 26, 2020

I. Preparations:

1 Spread the inflatable children's pool evenly on the ground without debris

2 Screw in the valve to make the inflatable children's pool slightly air-in. Tighten the air valve, fold the two sides in half, press with moderate force, and unscrew the inflatable valve to make the inflatable children's pool expand again. The inflatable children's pool will return to its natural state.

Second, the inflation method:

Inflatable children's pool is recommended to use an electric pump for inflation. The overall inflation time only takes 3-5 minutes, saving time and effort. After use, it can also be used for exhausting the inflatable children's pool, which is convenient for the storage of the inflatable children's pool.

1. The inflatable children's pool is laid flat. Unscrew the air inlet valve, align the electric air pump with the air inlet valve, start the inflatable device, and the inflatable child pool will begin to expand;

2 After inflation is complete, rotate and tighten the inflation valve.

Third, exhaust method:

1 Open the air valve, the other end of the air valve is rolled up, and the air will be discharged by gently pressing;

2Close the air valve, roll up the inflatable children's pool at the other end, and open the air valve again to exhaust the remaining air;

After 3 rows of air, close the inflation valve, fold the children's pool, put it in an outer bag and close it. Store in a cool, dry place.

Fourth, the leak repair method:

1 Find the location of the air leak in the inflatable children's pool: Inflate to a certain level and close the air valve. Wet the surface of the inflatable children's pool with water or soapy water, and press it on the inflatable children's pool to increase the squeezing force. Mark the place where the air leaks in the children's pool with a pen;

2 Drain the remaining water in the inflatable children's pool, open the air valve to let out the air in the edge air chamber, which is convenient for cleaning the pool body later;

3Cut a patch, preferably 3 times the size of the damaged area, it is recommended to build a circle;

4 Make primer treatment: clean up the repaired areas and patches of the inflatable children's pool, and evenly apply special glue, use a hair dryer or natural air-drying until it is not sticky;

5 do glue treatment: apply glue again to the area where the glue has just been applied, and do the same treatment until the hands are not sticky;

6 Align the patch to the repair area, slowly apply the patch and flatten it. It should be noted that air bubbles should be avoided when pasting, otherwise insecure pasting will occur;

7 Finally, place the inflatable children's pool on a flat floor and press it at noon for 24 hours.

The above repair method is also used to repair the inflatable baby swimming pool and inflatable baby bathtub.

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