is there a touch screen tv

Date:Oct 28, 2019

With the rise of the upsurge of intelligent office, touch screen conference machine as a business conference intelligent solution, touch screen conference machine is also known as "intelligent conference platform", is a new generation of intelligent conference and office equipment.Since the market has been widely concerned by the government and enterprises and the society.At present, the touch-screen conference all-in-one machine market is in a high-speed growth period and will be more popular in more office areas in the future. Below, we will analyze the prospect and scale of this emerging market.


Because the early stage of intelligent display industry investment in research and development is very large, and the industry access standards will be relatively much higher than other industries.At the beginning of the formation of the all-in-one touch screen conference market, only a few brands are exploring the development, product functions are relatively simple, the initial stage is mainly to achieve display and writing functions, integrated projector, electronic whiteboard, television, display process.After more than two years of development, the product features more abundant, experience is also constantly changing optimization.At present, the market is entering a period of rapid development, attracting new capital. The development of the industry promotes the gradual transparency of technology, and its functions will become more and more powerful.

The all-in-one touch screen meeting market both in volume and has entered a rapid growth, or quantity and the touch screen meeting all-in-one replacement has been formed to projection, a first meeting office market development step of the education market, market education completed preliminary, the obvious advantages of touch screen meeting all-in-one PC market is booming, the smart office era will also be comprehensive.

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