List of home video game consoles

Date:Oct 30, 2019

This list is divided into eras which are named based on the dominant console type of the era, though not all consoles of those eras are of the same type. Some eras are referred to based on how many bits a major console could process. The "128-bit era" (sixth generation) was the final era in which this practice was widespread.

This list does not include other types of video game consoles such as handheld game consoles, which are usually of lower computational power than home consoles due to their smaller size, microconsoles, which are usually low-cost Android-based devices that rely on downloading, or dedicated consoles past the first generation, which have games built in and do not use any form of physical media. Consoles have been redesigned from time to time to improve their market appeal. Redesigned models are not listed on their own.


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2First generation (1972–1984)

3Second generation (1976–1992)

4Third generation (1983–2003)

5Fourth generation (1987–2004)

6Fifth generation (1993–2005)

7Sixth generation (1998–2013)

8Seventh generation (2005–2017)

9Eighth generation (2012–present)

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There are a total of 93 video game platforms released since the Second generation, and 10 canceled platforms.

This list only counts the first iteration of each console's hardware, because several systems have had slim, enhanced or other hardware revisions, but they aren't individually listed here. The list also includes unreleased systems. If a series of home video game consoles begins in a generation and lasts to another generation, it is listed in the generation the series began. This list does not claim to be complete.

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