Newborn clothing can be used in the field

Date:Aug 02, 2019

Newborn clothing is generally used for the cleaning of high-tech products such as digital products. It does not generate dust particles when it is wiped, and it can also absorb liquid and dust when used. We generally say that Newborn clothing can be divided into three categories according to the different edges: the first is cold-cut dust-free cloth, the second is laser-sealed dust-free cloth, and the third is ultrasonic-sealed dust-free cloth. In general, Newborn clothing is made of polyester double-double as the main raw material. Its surface is very soft and can wipe the surface of sensitive objects. When rubbing, the fiber is not easy to fall off, the water absorption is quite good, and the cleaning effect is good. Also very strong.

Newborn clothing can be used in a wide range of applications, such as cleaning medical settings, maintenance of precision instruments, cleaning of optical products, cleaning of aerospace products, and more.

1.Newborn clothing's dust removal effect is quite good, with the use of anti-static effect;

2.Newborn clothing's water absorption is quite high;

3.Newborn clothing is very soft, will not operate the surface of the object being wiped;

4.Newborn clothing can provide enough dryness, can also provide enough humidity, dry humidity can be adjusted freely;

5.The ion release of Newborn clothing is relatively low;

6.Newborn clothing is very unlikely to cause a chemical reaction;

7.Newborn clothing has a very strong decontamination ability, so there will be no dust particles and thread left after wiping it. remote control. When there is oil on the surface of the remote control, wipe it with a damp cloth containing a neutral solvent.

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