Newborn's environmentally friendly high value-added products are favored

Date:Jul 16, 2019

Newborn clothing is an indispensable cleaning material in industrial production and daily life. Nowadays, Newborn clothing based on non-woven fabric has become the “dark horse” in the development of Newborn clothing market, personal care products, household cleaning products, industrial cleaning. The rapid expansion of products and other markets has promoted the rapid growth of nonwoven Newborn clothing. Non-woven fabric manufacturers and Newborn skin processors have invested heavily in this growth. Environmentally friendly high value-added products are favored.

The development and development of non-woven Newborn clothing in China has just begun, and most companies choose to introduce foreign technology and equipment, and the production technology is in a state of confidentiality. Most of the production enterprises are located in the southern coastal areas, and there are fewer Newborn clothing manufacturers in the mainland. In general, China's development level and technical strength of high-performance non-woven Newborn clothing still needs to be improved. A considerable number of products developed by the company have problems such as poor wiping effect, easy water mark, fiber shedding, etc., which cannot meet the needs of consumers. Strengthening the development of high-performance nonwoven Newborn clothing should focus on two aspects.

1. Is to increase the added value of the product. Taking the Newborn clothing for vehicles as an example, the amount of water required for the car cleaning process is large, and the development of high-efficiency waterless Newborn clothing is conducive to saving water and protecting water resources. Other similar products, such as the development of Newborn clothing, anti-static Newborn clothing, various printed Newborn clothing, specific use Newborn clothing, etc., not only meet the needs of people, but also bring good economic benefits to the enterprise.

2. It is environmentally friendly raw materials, so that the products are 100% harmless to the human body. At present, most of the domestic non-woven fabric industry is gradually developing towards sustainable development, focusing on resource recycling and reducing environmental pollution. Non-woven Newborn clothing is used as a short-term or “discarded” product, and the environmental protection problems caused by the disposal of the product are increasingly attracting public attention. Therefore, the degradable and easily degradable fiber represented by cotton fiber, wood pulp fiber and polylactic acid fiber is the raw material, which will become the development trend of future nonwoven wiping materials.

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