Plush toy have those auxiliary materials?

Date:Jan 16, 2020

Auxiliary materials
(A) eyes: plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, active eyes and so on.
(B) nose: plastic nose, flocking nose, nose package, matte nose and so on.
(3) Ribbon (Ribbon): designated color, small quantity, or designated style, please pay attention to the quantity of the order.
(IV) Plastic bags: (PP bags are commonly used in American products and are cheaper. European products must use PE bags; PE bags are not as transparent as PP bags, but PP bags are more crumpled and breakable). PVC can only be used as a packaging material. (The DEHP content must be limited to 3% / square.) Heat shrink film is mostly used in color box packaging as a protective film.
(V) Carton: (divided into two types)
Double-lens A = B, A = C, B = B, B = C, C = C, triple-lens, A and B (such as backpack series), unless the customer specifies, usually use A = B, the export outer box with a small size can be considered to use B = B or B = C. Before ordering cartons, you should first select authentic suppliers. You must first confirm the quality of each paper provided by the carton factory. Note that each may be different. You should choose authentic ones, and you should also pay attention to the quality of each batch to prevent suppliers from using Inferior products pretend to be genuine products. In addition, factors such as weather humidity and rainy climate may also have an adverse effect on paper quality.
Single corrugated B33, C33, etc. are usually used as inner boxes or revolving cartons for domestic delivery. The quality of the outer paper and inner corrugation determines the rigidity of the carton.
(6) Cotton: It is divided into 7D, 6D, 15D, and A, B, and C grades. The ones we currently use are usually 7D / A grades, and 6D is rarely used. Low-end products or products with strong fortifications should be 15D / B or C. 7D is very silky and elastic, 15D is thicker and harder.
According to the fiber length, it is divided into 64MM and 32MM cotton. The former is used for manual punching and the latter is used for machine punching.
The general method is to loosen the raw cotton into the cotton itself, to ensure that the loose cotton operator operates correctly, and there are enough loose cotton times to fully loosen the cotton to achieve good elasticity. If the effect of loose cotton is not good, it will cause a great waste of cotton consumption.
(VII) Colloidal particles: (divided into PP and PE), the diameter should be 3mm or more, and the particles should be smooth and even. Products exported to Europe are usually more environmentally friendly with PE. Except for customers' special requirements, PP or PE can be used for export to the US. PP is cheaper. Unless otherwise specified by customers, all export products must be wrapped in inner bags.
(8) Plastic accessories: ready-made plastic accessories, the body can not be changed, such as size, size, shape, etc. Otherwise, molds need to be opened, general plastic molds are expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the mold size, technology Difficulty depends on the choice of mold materials. Therefore, if the production order is less than 300,000, the mold cost must be added.
(IX) (color) printed matter: including color boxes, tags, stickers, etc. The price of color printing has a direct relationship with the number of orders. If the order is small, the number of printed papers is small, which will easily cause large color differences, uneven colors, and loss of manufacturers. The proportion increases, so the unit price must be high.
When implementing the unit price of printed matter, we must pay attention to whether it includes costs such as film, print-proof, and coating. For customer-designated patterns, it is best to provide customers with film and color drafts, and color proportions (four-color CMYK Ratio), which speeds up board speed and accuracy.
(10) Fabrics and woven fabrics: 21 pounds of pulling force must be passed, so more thick belts are now used.
(11) Cotton belts, webbings, silk ropes, and elastic bands of various colors: Pay attention to distinguishing the different textures of raw materials, which affect the product quality and cost.
(12) Velcro, buckle, zipper: Velcro should pay attention to the fastness (especially when functional requirements are high).

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