The correct way to use Towel

Date:Jul 08, 2019

Many friends nowadays are equipped with resin lenses, and often the glasses are stained with dust and directly wiped with Towel. In fact, this method is wrong. The maintenance and cleaning of the lens should be based on water washing. The Towel is placed in the box to avoid the friction between the lens and the glasses case. The wrapped glasses can act as a buffer to effectively prevent collision or sharp objects. Scratch damage, it can also absorb the moisture and perspiration attached to the frame, keep it dry and prevent the frame from being corroded.

There are exceptions, however, the clean Towel can be used to wipe glass lenses, which need to be cleaned each time the lens is wiped. If the Towel is stained with dust, the lens will be damaged. If you use a mirror cloth or clothes to dry the lens directly, the glasses will be wiped off after half a year. Therefore, the glasses should be washed with water or spray detergent. After the net, use a napkin to dry. If there is no cleaning agent available for detergent, it is recommended to buy lens cleaning agent. You can also go to the optical shop for ultrasonic cleaning. Similarly, Towel should not be used to wipe camera lenses, etc.

Towel cleaning method: Dirty Towel should be washed with detergent, do not use water. Dissolve the laundry solution with water (well, warm water), then soak the Towel inside for fifteen minutes, then clean it, don't twist it hard, dry naturally!

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