The filtering function of the inflatable pool

Date:Jul 21, 2019

1.The filtering function of the inflatable pool

View before booting

The multi-way valve of the Inflatable pool filter sand tank should be adjusted to the filter condition before starting the machine;

Check if the corresponding valves on the pipeline are in the correct condition;

Check if the hair collector is blocked. If there is any blockage, it must be cleaned first; if there is air in the inside, if there is air, the air must be drained first;

Check whether the Inflatable pool can lid is tight and airtight. If it leaks, the Inflatable pool can lid should be tightened to make it tight and airtight;

Check whether the liquid medicine tube of each administration system can be normal and non-blocking, whether there is liquid medicine in the medicine barrel, and whether the valve on the mouth of the medicine dispenser can be opened to ensure that the medicine administration system is in a ready working state;

Check whether air can accumulate in the main return water pipeline, and if necessary, remove it through the drain valve;

Boot number

First open one pump motor; after the pump motor is running normally, open the pump in sequence, the spare pump does not need to be open;

View after boot: Record the pressure gauge index on the Inflatable pool filter to see if it is necessary to perform backflushing; check the running status of the pump, whether it can run smoothly, no noise; check whether the various drug delivery systems can work normally; Check if the water inlets are normal.

2.Inflatable pool filter anti-scour function

View before booting

If the pressure gauge reading on the Inflatable pool filter sand tank is higher than 2.5kg/cm2 or above, the Inflatable pool filter sand tank should be backflushed immediately;

Acknowledging that the associated pump that needs to backflush the sand tank has stopped running;

Adjust the multi-way valve on the Inflatable pool filter sand tank to the backwash condition;

Acknowledging that the associated valve on the pipeline is in the correct orientation;

The primary operating water pump; view and investigate the water glass on the sand tank until the water cleaning stops; then close the pump.

Note: If the backwash water cannot be viewed, the duration of each backwash should be 2-3 minutes.

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