The helmet in Carbon bike parts has a negligible effect on us.

Date:Aug 17, 2019

The helmet is one of our Carbon bike parts, and it is very necessary to ride the helmet. Let us give an example today about the importance of helmets to us.

Point 1: How does the helmet better protect you?

If you fall, the helmet will rupture, not yours. The purpose of the helmet in the Carbon bike parts is to break, which is what the helmet should do. The material used in the helmet is broken by a sudden impact. When the head hits something, the helmet will smash or rupture. This is the role of the helmet to protect the head. The design of the helmet in the Carbon bike parts has withstood at least one impact! After any collision, the old helmet is replaced. This is the role of the helmet.

Point 2: Many people feel uncomfortable wearing a helmet.

The helmet of the bicycle shop is a unique size helmet and adjustable, and is willing to help you adjust or resize the helmet.

Point 3: The weather is too hot, wearing a helmet is hotter

Wearing a helmet is too hot when you are not riding. The air ventilation and cooling system of the helmet in the Carbon bike parts is best used when you ride.Therefore, you must pay attention to its breathability when choosing a helmet! In the hot weather, bring a sweat band on your head to prevent sweat from staying in your eyes. In the cold season, the headscarf keeps warm inside.

Point 4: Some other friends can think that the helmet is too ugly

There are different types of helmets in Carbon bike parts. Some helmets have plastic caps on the front to protect the glasses from the sun and rain. The plastic visor gives the illusion that the helmet looks narrow and reduces the temptation to say that it looks like a mushroom head.

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