The principle and function of Game machine

Date:Aug 04, 2019

An instrument for measuring the shape of an alternating current or a pulsed current wave, which is composed of a tube amplifier, a scanning oscillator, a cathode ray tube, and the like. In addition to observing the waveform of the current, it is also possible to measure the frequency, voltage intensity, and the like. Periodic physical processes that can become electrical effects can be observed with the Game machine

Classification and working principle

Game machine is divided into digital Game machine and analog Game machine

The analog Game machine uses an analog circuit electron gun to emit electrons to the screen, and the emitted electrons are focused to form an electron beam and hit the screen. The inner surface of the screen is coated with a fluorescent substance so that the point hit by the electron beam emits light.

The digital Game machine is a high-performance Game machine made by a series of technologies such as data acquisition, A/D conversion, and software programming. The digital Game machine generally supports multi-level menus, which can provide users with multiple choices and multiple analysis functions. There are also some Game machines that provide storage for saving and processing waveforms.

The game machine works on the principle

The relative magnitude of the amplitude of the waveform applied to the Game Machine Y deflection plate is reflected by the relative magnitude of the amplitude of the waveform displayed on the Game machine, thereby reflecting the magnitude of the maximum value of the alternating electromotive force generated in the electromagnetic induction. Therefore, with the Game machine, the relationship between the induced electromotive force and its generating conditions can be studied.

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