There are so many inflatable swimming pools that 99% don't know

Date:Feb 11, 2020

The temperature rises, and as soon as summer arrives, the water carnival will be staged again. There are various types of water amusement equipment on the market. The inflatable swimming pool is one of them. Don't look at it as a swimming pool. It can be used for many purposes. What is going on? Follow Guangzhou Dreamland Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. to find out!

The development of everything is a process of continuous improvement, as is the development of swimming pools. Inflatable swimming pools have too many advantages over traditional swimming pools:

It is flexible and can be set up as the flow of people changes. Unlike traditional swimming pools, where they will always be built, there will also be declines in the bustling area. The fate of traditional swimming pools is accused of being in the hands of others;

It has a small investment and a quick return on investment. In recent years, land prices have risen rapidly. Buying a piece of land to build a swimming pool is no longer affordable for ordinary people. Therefore, inflatable swimming pools can be said to have arisen at the historic moment;

It is versatile and not affected by seasonality.

How can inflatable swimming pools not be affected by seasonality?

"Summer pools, winter pools." The use of inflatable swimming pools has been expanded by talented operators.

As the temperature rises, the inflatable swimming pool is transformed into a fish pond. Catching fish I think is the favorite item of every child. When I was a kid, I loved catching fish. I brought some tools to call a few friends. I went to the nearby Xiaojiang River to catch fish. Sometimes adults find that they will be hung up when they go home. But the times are different now, and even the touch fish project has become safe.

An inflatable swimming pool is not only a swimming pool, a fish pond, but also can be used as a water roller ball pool, water walking ball pool, hand boat pool!

Not only that, when the temperature drops, the inflatable swimming pool is also useful. It can be used as an inflatable sand pool. It can bury a "treasure" in the sand to open the "treasure hunting road" for children. It can also be used as an ocean ball pool. When people see the ocean ball, they can't help but want to pounce! An inflatable swimming pool lets you play tricks every day, an inflatable swimming pool allows you to make money all year round, and an inflatable swimming pool meets your needs!

The fabric of the inflatable swimming pool is the key. The quality of the product determines the life of the product. The fabric must be identified by the PVC mesh fabric department. It has excellent properties such as water resistance, cold resistance (50 ° C to 60 ° C), flame resistance, and 6P environmental friendliness.

We have a rigorous plan for both the equipment quality and the operation plan. If you want to know more, please leave us a message!

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