Want to replay these classic game console

Date:Feb 03, 2020

Nintendo launched theretro game consoleNES Classic Edition this year, which has built-in up to 30 classic games, and supports modern features such as HDMI output. Even though the price of $ 60 (about RMB 400) is not cheap, it is still popular with players. Sought after.

Obviously, retro game consoles are nothing new. In addition, under the situation that the simulator is rampant, you can use PC to play almost any period and platform games. But Nintendo officially launched the NES Classic Edition, which means that manufacturers have a new understanding of retro games and have proven its market value. In fact, not only does Nintendo have a lot of IPs that players miss, but other manufacturers also have the opportunity. Below are 3 representatives.

1.Sony PlayStation

There is no doubt that Sony is the representative of the new era game consoles. The first-generation model PlayStation sold over 100 million units worldwide, and established the status of Sony's new game hegemony, affecting the current PS4. From an era perspective, PlayStation was the first to adopt CD-ROM media, highlight 3D performance, and open up new types of games. Today, only some classic PlayStation games can be played on PS3, and PS4 does not provide compatibility. If Sony launches a retro game console with hundreds of classic PS games at a reasonable price, it will obviously sell well.

2.Magnavox Odyssey 2

This Magnavox Odyssey 2 is relatively small, and many friends have never seen it. In fact, it is the original video game console representative. It has classic jumping games such as "KC Munchkin" and "Pick Axe Pete". If an independent retro version is launched, I believe some retro game enthusiasts will pay for it.

3.Sega Mega Drive

Sega has always been a "sorrowful role" in the game console market, and has repeatedly defeated and eventually withdrew from the hardware market. In fact, there are also many classic IPs on the Sega platform. Mega Drive, which has the best sales performance in the European and American markets, is IP such as "Sonic Hedgehog" and "VR Fighter". I believe that if Sega now launches MD retro game consoles, it will also have good sales.

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