What are children's toys

Date:Jan 10, 2020

Children's toys refer to products that are designed or intended for children under 14 years of age to be processed, manufactured, and sold; except where the producer explicitly states that children are not allowed to play. 

The main types of children's toys are: image toys, technical toys, assembled and assembled toys, construction and structural toys, sports activities toys, music sound toys, labor activity toys, decorative toys, and homemade toys. The general education requirements for toys are: it is conducive to promoting the comprehensive development of children's physical, moral, intellectual, and aesthetic; conforms to the age characteristics of children, and can satisfy their curiosity, activeness and exploration activities; beautiful shapes, reflecting the typical characteristics of things; The variety of activities helps to encourage learning; meets hygiene requirements, non-toxic colors, easy to clean and disinfect; meets safety requirements, etc.

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