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Date:Oct 31, 2019

The world's first true video game console was invented by physicist willy higginbotham in 1958.A year after the console was unveiled, willy higginbotham improved display technology to allow the game to be played on a 15-inch monitor.

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Soon, a few years later, 1961, the most famous game in the world came to us.I believe that as long as it is grew up playing games friend, know that there is a game called space war, the game is the father of traditional flight shooting game, at a time when it is not easy to want to play to the game, only a handful of people through layer upon layer, into the developer Steve Russell's lab experience.

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When it came to the 70s and 80s, the development process of game consoles reached a qualitative leap.We are familiar with the donkey kong games, tetris, 64 consoles, is developed in this period, I can't think of each player knows a big gold, but I believe that every one of the players know, tetris such a classic game, in 1985, at the same time, nintendo also sold NES game consoles, sells for $199 

at that time.

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During the '80s and' 90s, sega was at the peak of its game development. Within a few years, sega released a number of different types of game consoles, both handheld and home consoles.Nintendo also introduced the world's most classic game console, the red and white machine, in 1983.When 1990 came, the game ecology has been a breakthrough, the world's first color applause console came out, it is also from sega.

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