What are the advantages of RFID tags

Date:May 26, 2020

Radiofrequency identification technology can be widely applied to many industries and fields, and it must have its "excellent".

In terms of its external manifestations, the carrier of RFID technology is generally to have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-magnetic, high-temperature resistance, etc., to ensure the stability of RFID technology in application. As far as its use is concerned, RFID has advantages in real-time updating of data, the amount of stored information, service life, working efficiency, security, etc. RFID can update the existing data more conveniently and reduce the manpower, material and financial resources so that the work is more convenient; RFID technology stores information based on computers, etc., up to several megabytes, which can store a large amount of information, To ensure the smooth progress of the work; RFID technology has a long service life, as long as the staff pays attention to protection during use, it can be reused; RFID technology has changed the inconvenience of information processing in the past, achieving multiple goals simultaneously Identification greatly improves work efficiency; while RFID is also provided with password protection, it is not easy to be forged and has high security. The technology similar to the radio frequency identification technology is the traditional bar code technology. The traditional bar code technology is inferior to the radio frequency identification technology in updating data, storing information amount, service life, working efficiency, security, etc., and cannot adapt well to China. The current social development needs are also difficult to meet the needs of industry and related fields.

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