What are the characteristics of RFID tags

Date:May 26, 2020

Generally speaking, RFID technology has the following characteristics: 

1. Applicability: RFID technology relies on electromagnetic waves and does not require physical contact between the two parties. This makes it possible to establish a connection regardless of dust, fog, plastic, paper, wood, and various obstacles, and directly complete the communication. 

2. High efficiency: The reading and writing speed of the RFID system is extremely fast, and a typical RFID transmission process is usually less than 100 milliseconds. The high-band RFID reader can even recognize and read the contents of multiple tags at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency of information transmission. 

3. Uniqueness: Each RFID tag is unique. Through the one-to-one correspondence between RFID tags and products, you can clearly track the subsequent circulation of each product. 

4. Simplicity: RFID tag has a simple structure, high recognition rate, and simple reading equipment. Especially as NFC technology is gradually popularized on smartphones, each user's mobile phone will become the simplest RFID reader.

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