What are the requirements for choosing the quality of Carbon bike parts?

Date:Aug 18, 2019

Bicycles are definitely a very good means of transportation. Whether it is 70, 80, 90 or 00, you will basically ride a bicycle. Although the development of shared bicycles is very fast, you don’t need to bring your own bicycles, but many cycling enthusiasts still like to buy them. And assemble your favorite car for long trips. Bicycles are made up of individual components, each with different functions, and only coordinated work can make cycling easier. Today we will come to you for a detailed introduction.

What needs to be introduced today is the quality requirements of bicycles.

1. Implementation standards: The current standard for bicycle parts is the national standard GB/T3564—3566/-93. Its contents include the naming, safety requirements, assembly requirements, main technical conditions and test methods of various bicycle components.

2. The main quality requirements of several parts in Carbon bike parts: In addition to the completion of various process parameters according to the standard, the finished products of various parts and components must also complete various technical indicators according to the standard. The general quality requirements for several major components are listed below.

a: Carbon axle parts: There are many types of shafts in the middle shaft. The outlets are mainly B-type shafts. The surface treatment methods of shaft sticks, shaft bowls and lock nuts are electroplated (chromium or zinc), electrophoresis, according to national standards. It is stipulated that after the central shaft is assembled, it is oscillated with a weight of 220 g standard pendulum, and its sensitivity is not less than 50 times (the number of times is calculated in one direction).

b: Front and rear axles of Carbon bike parts: The outlets are mainly ordinary shafts. Generally, the number of discs is divided into 10, 14, 16, 18, and 20 holes. The holes on the sides of the finished shafts should be mutually The half-hole moment is staggered, and the front and rear axles are assembled with a standard pendulum weighing 175g and 178mm long. The sensitivity is not less than: 120 front axles and 100 rear axles. (The number of times is calculated in one direction) The radial direction of the shaft body is not more than 0.3 mm.

c: Carbon bike parts flywheel: The exit usually has 1/2" x 1/8" x 16 teeth (20 teeth, 18 teeth, 22 teeth), which are ordinary single gear flutes. According to national standards, the main performance indicators of the flywheel include flexibility, that is, no jamming phenomenon, jacket surface, hardness HRA ≥ 75 degrees, wire resistance, flat hardness HRA ≥ 68 degrees, radial and end face bounce after assembly of the flywheel The amount should be less than 0.4mm.

d: Carbon bike parts chain: The export specifications are 1/2"×1/8"×114 knots (106 knots), etc. The main inspection items of the chain have flexibility, that is, there is no jam on the special inspection tool. The bending degree of 100 knots is not more than 70mm, and the minimum breaking force of the chain is 8010N.

f:Carbon bike parts: The technical requirements of the brakes are light and flexible except for the correct installation. The brake spring can quickly reset the brakes. It should also ensure the firmness of each joint, generally above 980N, braking performance. According to GB3565, when the dry brake is at the maximum speed, the bicycle with a stroke of 5m or more will travel at a speed of 24km/h or a bicycle with a stroke of 5m or less, at a speed of 16km/h. It should be stopped smoothly and safely within a distance of 5.5m. Wet braking, bicycles running at 16km/h should be stopped smoothly and safely within 15m.

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