What is the difference between inflatable swimming pool and stand pool?

Date:Feb 14, 2020

Are inflatable pools the same as stand-up pools? Is there a difference?

1 Structural difference:

The stent swimming pool consists of two parts: PVC material and steel frame. The steel pipe support is used as the main body, and the pool body is made of special nylon fine-woven double-sided PVC coated cloth.

There was no drop of glue on the pool.

The inflatable swimming pool is made of PVC material as a whole, and the air column formed after a single inflation can be continuously used by tourists for about three days.

2 differences in specifications:

The specifications of the bracket swimming pool are generally: 3 * 3m--25 * 50m (can be customized), and the height is 1m, 1.32m, 1.5m. The 1-meter bracket swimming pool is mainly for children to play in water. The 1.32-meter bracket swimming pool is

It can be used by young people and is suitable for swimming teaching. The 1.5-meter bracket swimming pool can meet the swimming needs of adults and swim very freely.

And our inflatable swimming pool specifications: can also be customized. The general specifications of the inflatable swimming pool are mainly to provide fun and play, to highlight parent-child interaction and closer parent-child relationship.

3 The difference between water purification treatment:

The bracket swimming pool adopts matching sand cylinder pump equipment, and the water purification treatment is carried out through an uninterrupted water circulation filtration method. The entire pool can be filtered every few hours, supplemented by manual cleaning and professional water quality management to achieve clear water quality, which can achieve the entire Do not change water in summer.

Inflatable swimming pool water purification does not strictly require water purification equipment. Because it is smaller than a stent swimming pool, the amount of water is not very large, so some are directly changed water, and some are controlled by water, and the water has been clean.

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