What is the inflatable swimming pool

Date:Jan 16, 2020

Inflatable pools are mainly used for children's fishing or fishing. Therefore, the industry also called it Moyuchi. The inflatable swimming pool not only allows children to sit and have fun in the summer but also allows family members to bathe and have fun together. Inflatable swimming pools are more suitable for older children and families than inflatable pools. It can be said that the inflatable swimming pool is a temporary foldable portable swimming pool.

Most inflatable swimming pools are round or rectangular. In addition, they can be shaped like pirate ships or other types of animals. Some larger swimming pools for families can also be equipped with slides or seats for children to play. Some children's swimming pools only have 2-5 square meters, and the swimming pools generally range from 30-60 square meters. The size for home or adult can also be made into 50-80 square meters.


The advantage of an inflatable swimming pool is its portability, you can put it anywhere in your home. Even the balcony or bedroom and it is quite affordable compared to the regular pool price. Easy to use, especially suitable for external personnel.

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