Which is better, stand pool or inflatable pool?

Date:Feb 14, 2020

A client asked me, "I want to invest in a small water park, but I'm confused when buying a swimming pool. I don't know if it is a stand-up pool or an inflatable pool." Are there any specific differences in their uses? Now I'll give you a look at the difference between bracket swimming pools and inflatable swimming pools.

 01 Structural difference

The bracket swimming pool is mainly supported by steel pipes, and is composed of PVC cloth around the bottom and the bottom.

Inflatable swimming pool is inflated form, the surrounding tires are filled with air and filled with water.

 02 Material composition difference

The main body of the bracket swimming pool is a national standard seamless steel pipe, and the pool body is a pool-specific, self-cleaning nylon fine-woven double-sided PVC coated cloth. With high tear, friction, anti-aging, beautiful appearance and so on.

Inflatable swimming pools are designed to meet the needs of children's water sports, so conventional swimming pool fabrics are used. Because of different use methods, they have bright colors and beautiful appearance.

 03 Specification difference

Bracket swimming pools are available in heights of 1.0m, 1.32m and 1.5m.

Inflatable swimming pools are 0.55m, 0.65m and 0.8m.

Both are available in round or square styles, all sizes can be customized.

 04 Functional Difference

The bracket swimming pool has good stability and high pool, so different specifications can meet the needs of young people and adults playing in swimming and swimming.

Inflatable swimming pools are often paired with large inflatable water slides for children to play in the water, highlight parent-child interaction and stimulate parent-child relationships.

In the end, the two types of swimming pools have different advantages due to their different target groups. But if you want to build a mobile water park project, you need to combine multiple swimming pools and amusement projects. If you still have questions, please call us at +8613666054606

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