(2)With so many classic game consoles, which one do you know sells the most?

Date:Feb 03, 2020

With so many classic game consoles, which one do you know sells the most?

5: Nintendo Wii

Wii's pronunciation is taken from the English word "We", emphasizing that both men, women, and children can entertain together. It was released in 2006. The main feature is unique somatosensory manipulation, which caused a sensation after listing, and eventually sold a total of 1030 units.

The best-selling game on Wii comes from Nintendo's own Wii Sports, which sold 8.3 million copies.

The successor model of the Nintendo Wii is the Wii U launched in 2012. Due to hardware and game issues, only 13.56 million units were recorded. Nintendo announced in 2016 that it would focus on the next-generation console Switch. Wii U will be discontinued, and it will become the lowest-selling home gaming console in Nintendo history.

The Switch was released in 2016. When connected to the base, it can output 1080P pictures to the TV and become a home game console. When you attach a handle to its main body and pull it out of the base, it will Turned into a portable handheld. It is sold out as soon as it goes on the market. Maybe we can also look forward to whether it can squeeze into the list in the future.

4: Sony PS

Ranked fourth is PlayStation's first ancestor PlayStation, which was released in 1994, and its cumulative sales have exceeded 102.5 million units. At the time, its competitors Sega Saturn and Nintendo N64 were not in the top ten.

The best-selling game on PS was GT Cars, which sold 10.9 million units.

3: Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy was released in 1989, and subsequently introduced improved models such as GBL and GBC, which eventually sold 118.7 million units.

In addition to sales, its game sales are also surprisingly high, with the top two "Tetris" and "Pokémon Gold Silver" selling 35 million and 23 million, respectively.

2: Nintendo DS

The full name of Nintendo DS is Nintendo DS, which was launched in 2004. DS is the abbreviation of "Dual Screen". It has two screens, and the screen below supports touch operation. The body is thickly equipped with a Nintendo DS card slot and a GBA game cartridge slot.

The most sold game on Nintendo DS is New Super Mario Bros., which sold 30.4 million copies.

1: Sony PS2

This PlayStation 2, which began shipping in 2000, defeated Sega's Dreamcast when it was launched. After 2001, Sega announced the discontinuation of Dreamcast.

Nowadays, everything seems to come without a doubt, but PS2 still faced the competition between Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube, and the function was not the strongest one. In the end, with a strong game lineup, it won the market competition and sold 155 million units, making it the best-selling console in history.

The best-selling game on PS2 is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which sold 17.3 million copies.

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