Would you choose a baby's bath towel?

Date:Feb 11, 2020

Newborn babies have relatively weak physical resistance, and their skin is particularly delicate. Some unsafe products can cause invisible damage to children. Too hard materials can scratch the baby's skin. Moms all want to choose good quality products for their children. Today, Mommy will introduce to you how to choose bath towels.

One: look at the material

There are many materials for bath towels, which are roughly divided into cotton, bamboo fiber, recycled fiber, organic natural colored cotton, etc. Moms try to choose pure cotton, bamboo fiber, and colored cotton. Bamboo fiber is generally suitable for summer. Pure cotton is selected for gauze texture because cotton is hard, but cotton will be soft when woven into the gauze. Organic colored cotton must choose real colored cotton, not artificial colored cotton. Whatever the material, be sure to choose one that does not contain fluorescent agents.

Identify the method, and communicate with the store more. If there are real objects, you must look at the washing standard and feel more. Guaranteed to be a Class A product.

Two: look at the workmanship

For newborns, try to choose products without dyeing and chemical treatment. If you like color, you must choose environmentally friendly printing and dyeing. Pure cotton gauze bath towels are the first choice for newborns. Here is a point of expertise. Gauze bath towels are best chosen with dense textiles. Each layer of gauze is spun from 32 or 40 combed yarns. It will not thicken suddenly after washing, and it is used when it is hot for many days. Terry bath towels are mostly made of bamboo fiber. It is best to choose a neat and dense terry product. The terry + gauze bath towels are preferably woven from 32 yarns. The gauze surface has fixed nodes so that the gauze and the terry can fit together.

Note: 32 or 40 combed yarns are soft and thin. The combed yarns have shorter fibers removed and are more durable.

Three: touch by hand

Bath towels are best not to choose products that are particularly smooth and soft to the touch, and products that are particularly smooth and soft are generally over-added with softener. Gauze textured surface will have some floating hair, these are normal phenomena, just wash your hands a few times.

Four: smell with your nose

It is recommended that mothers choose products that are not dyed, chemically treated, and retain the taste of natural raw materials.

to sum up

Choosing a baby bath towel is best:

1. Mainly unstained and chemically treated, white is recommended

2. Choose materials of pure cotton and organic natural-colored cotton in terms of materials. Bamboo fiber can be selected in summer.

3. Most newborns mainly use pure cotton gauze towels and bamboo fiber, because these two materials will not become hard after washing several times.

4, it is not particularly smooth and soft to the touch; because it feels good, it must be too much softener.

5. It smells light of cotton. Original.

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