3D Printed Clothes's Precautions

3D Printed Clothes's Precautions

Date:Jul 31, 2019

1. When using and unpacking 3D printed clothes, you need to wear a clean clothes and wear dust-free gloves and masks.

2. 3D printed clothes when wiping, the four sides of the dust-free 3D printed clothes should be wrapped inside, the surface area of the contact wipe can not be used with the edge of the dust-free 3D printed clothes;

3. 3D printed clothes can be wiped with solvent, or directly wiped;

4. When using high-end dust-free 3D printed clothes, it is necessary to disassemble the inner packaging bag in a clean environment, and clean the packaging bag before unpacking, especially the opening must be kept clean and tidy;

5. When used in operation, the dust-free 3D printed clothes must be kept flat, can not be smashed, when moving and wiping, try to make the 3D printed clothes fiber and the wiping surface into full contact, ensure that the cleaning is done in the same direction. , can not be repeated repeatedly back and forth;

6. High-end 3D printed clothes can generally be used repeatedly. Users can clean it themselves or contact us for cleaning.

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