Carbon Bike Parts Surface Layer Impact On Quality

Carbon Bike Parts Surface Layer Impact On Quality

Date:Aug 06, 2019

When purchasing any one product, we will consider their quality. Our Carbon bike parts can't be added naturally.For most of the friends who play cars, we all know that the more lightweight accessories are often inversely proportional to the pricing.The importance of Carbon bike parts for our bicycles doesn't require us to introduce too much. I think everyone knows it.

Most of the problems with bicycles are caused by the failure of individual Carbon bike parts. The fundamental reason is that they have lost their function. The surface quality of Carbon bike parts is an important factor in determining their performance.So the quality of Carbon bike parts is critical, and what we need to introduce today is the impact on the surface layer of Carbon bike parts.

The surface roughness of Carbon bike parts has a great influence on the fatigue strength of the alternating load. Under the action of alternating load, the surface roughness trough is likely to cause stress concentration and fatigue cracks. And the greater the surface roughness, the deeper the surface scratches, the worse the resistance of the Carbon bike parts to fatigue.The work hardening of the surface layer of Carbon bike parts also has an effect on the fatigue strength. Moderate work hardening can prevent the expansion of existing cracks and the generation of new cracks, and improve the fatigue strength of Carbon bike parts. However, the hardening of the work hardening will make the surface structure of Carbon bike parts brittle and prone to cracks, thus reducing the fatigue strength.

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