Donaldson Provides IoT-Based Filter Management

Donaldson Provides IoT-Based Filter Management

Date:Dec 18, 2019

Dec 13, 2019—Filtration systems are critical to the health of manufacturing processes and equipment, as well as the individuals working around those machines. While they are both ubiquitous and critical to proper manufacturing operations, they must be closely monitored. Traditionally, the inspection and maintenance of filtrations systems has required a dedicated workforce at each manufacturing site.

To help automate that process, Donaldson, a global manufacturer of filtration systems, has built an Internet of Things (IoT)-based service. Leveraging Vodafone's cellular-based network, the company's iCue Connected Service remotely captures and manages data regarding the status of filtration systems. Donaldson's customers use the filtration systems to keep manufacturing processes, equipment and the areas around them clear of particulates. If a filtration system fails, a manufacturing line could be shut down or equipment might be damaged.

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