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Date:Oct 28, 2019

Artix Entertainment announced today (April 2) that it will develop a "brand new" 8-bit machine game, with the overall style imitating the legend of zelda and alcatraz. The platform is actually NES (red and white machine us version). While players are still wondering who plays such super retro games nowadays, the crowdfunding started today is beyond expectations.

Artix Entertainment studio has developed the AdventureQuest series game, and this level restoring ancient ways is a new game called "DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest", will land on outdated more than 30 years of NES (NES) on the platform, and regardless of this watch face s who have interest in playing so old 8-bit, according to the response of the raised platform was quite good.

The DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest "which will combine the legend of zelda" and "devil city" outstanding features, provides up to more than 500 copies of the map screen, seems to "absolute gameplay" to attract the modern aesthetic fatigue may have old players, but the premise is that you must have a eight red and white machine or replace the machine, of the sort bulletins.

· interested players can go to the crowdfunding site to support DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest.


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