Game Consoles 2019 Global GAME On Show

Game Consoles 2019 Global GAME On Show

Date:Oct 31, 2019

In October, I went to the so-called game exhibition at the last minute of the weekend. 

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Check after the ticket into the first place is to let players clock in the place, a variety of photos, because I chose the time is relatively close to the noon, so no one, quite good, straight man I said casually patted on the line.

Inside the site is actually very large, a total of more than 10 plates, today to tell you about the first few

One: early computer and arcade games

A few decades ago, computers (computers) were just born, and they used more number-crunching, code-cracking, and so on, just like our modern "supercomputers".

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The world's first computer based video game "space war" came out in 1962, one cost as much as 120,000 dollars, there is no unified system, so the computer programming cost is extremely high.No matter at that time or now 120,000 dollars is not a small number, and this is just a simple black and white game, but for the future of video games opened a new field.

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Nine years later, space-wars-inspired Nolan bushnell and then-coin-operated billiard-table makers developed the world's first commercial arcade game, cyberspace, but it didn't catch on.

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He and alcorn then founded what is now atari, and the following year in 1972 they developed their first commercial arcade game, pong pong, which was very popular.I was lucky enough to experience the projection. It was easy to operate, but it was still fun to play the score with my friends.

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Formal game into the color era is we are all familiar with the "little bee", by the south dream palace in 1979 launched, let the little bee become the world's first RGB color game.Small bee is definitely not strange to everyone, one of the games must have played when I was a child.

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Two: game magazine

The first British magazine devoted to video games was published in 1981.The magazine contains reviews, tips, games, and other information about games, computers, and consoles.The most famous game magazine in Japan is the Japanese video game weekly, which is full of information about games.

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However, with the development of the Internet, fewer and fewer people read printed newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, more people read digital newspapers and periodicals. This makes the timeliness of information more accurate.

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Three: game sound, background music and music games

Sound is an integral part of the game, and incorporating sounds into the game is just as important as presenting an immersive experience.It's not enough to rely on the game scene to improve the player's sense of engagement, and a good background music makes a lot of games better.

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Also because the music game let us remember those eternal classics.

Also because the music game let us remember those eternal classics.For example: super Mario, contra and so on, these BGM is undoubtedly one of the symbols of that era.

Gradually, people begin to pay attention to the part of music, and there are more and more categories of games. Music also starts to develop games relying on peripherals, among which guitar hero is a classic.Although it is not true to play the guitar, the sense of substitution and fun of peripherals is still higher than the sense of experience on conventional devices, which greatly improves the quality of the game.

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