Game Go Machine Learning

Game Go Machine Learning

Date:Nov 01, 2019

With the decline of PSV and 3DS, it seems that NINTENDO SWITCH is now the only choice left for gamers, and since tencent announced the proxy SWITCH, its attention has soared.It has been revealed recently that the legal channels nintendo Switch game console may be released on December 10, 2019, with a one-year warranty, and the price will be around 2,099 yuan.

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Switch on a lot of games, there are motion sense games, high playability, I believe it will sell.Compared with tencent's agent Switch, GPD, a domestic technology manufacturer, went further and directly made a game console, which is the 19 GPD WIN 2 models to be introduced today.

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In terms of appearance, GPD WIN 2 breaks the design of traditional game console and adopts the combination of game controller and keyboard. The 3D joystick on the gamepad is produced by Japanese Alps electric co., LTD.Although it looks more compact, but the handle layout in the front position, can have a good handle, in the operation is also more convenient.

As a game console, the most important or play games, 19 GPD win2 equipped with a core 8100Y processor, built-in 9th generation HD Graphics 615 core display, plus 8G of memory and 256G solid state drive, such as resident evil, ghost 4, the elder scrolls 5, dark soul 3, etc. Can run smoothly.Can also install other simulators, with a good playability, we think this domestic game console how?

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