How Can The Brakes In Carbon Bike Parts Achieve Its Best Results?

How Can The Brakes In Carbon Bike Parts Achieve Its Best Results?

Date:Aug 13, 2019

Carbon bike parts are very important, only these Carbon bike parts are the perfect composition of our bicycles. Our brakes are the same as in their Carbon bike parts.

What is the role of the brakes in Carbon bike parts?

1. The brakes control the speed, not just the parking.

2. The front brake has a better braking effect.

3. The brake has the greatest braking effect when it is in the deadlock. After the lock, the braking performance is greatly reduced and the balance is easily lost.

Most of our friends are riding bicycles, but do you use brakes?

Many newcomers prefer to use the rear brakes because they are worried about using the front brakes, and use the front brakes. In fact, the front brakes in Carbon bike parts are safer in many situations, and learning to use the front brakes can be learned quickly.

Then why do we use the front brakes? There are two reasons for this:

1. The front brakes in the Carbon bike parts will have a better braking effect. The control speed is mainly based on the friction between the wheel and the road surface. The friction force is proportional to the pressure applied by the wheel to the road surface. When the front brake is used, the front wheel and the road pressure are strengthened due to the inertia relationship, and the braking effect is increased. The use of the rear brake does not have such an effect, and when the front brake is used, the pressure of the rear wheel on the road surface is greatly reduced, and the frictional force becomes very small.

2. When going downhill, only the front brakes in the Carbon bike parts have enough braking force, because the weight of the vehicle and the human body is mostly on the front wheels, and the friction between the front wheels and the road surface is increased. The rear wheel has very little pressure on the road surface, the friction is reduced, the braking effect is very poor, and the small braking force will lock the rear wheel.

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