How Often Does The Cotton Towel Change?

How Often Does The Cotton Towel Change?

Date:Jul 15, 2019

Most companies now use Towel's cotton Towel, Towel cotton has a more balanced performance, can handle most of the cleaning work, and can also be better cleaned, Towel can be cleaned with any washing products, but The use of long-term Towel breeds a lot of bacteria, and it also produces a lot of mixed stains. Repeated Towel use will reduce the performance of cotton in Towel. Although it can continue to use Towel, it is not the ideal cleaning effect, which is ignored by many companies. The problem has caused many workers to use Towel for a longer period of time to wipe, indirectly reduce efficiency, should be wiped in time, heavy industry should be replaced once a month, light industry should be replaced at least three months, the best Towel family Change every month.

The replacement of the machine should be based on the Towel environment. Different industries and Towels use different frequency and frequency of replacement at different times. The most appropriate time should be mastered in actual control. Both reduce pollution and save money.

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