How To Get Embryos To Win At The Starting Line?RFID Tracking, Of Course

How To Get Embryos To Win At The Starting Line?RFID Tracking, Of Course

Date:Dec 20, 2019

The TMRW ivfOS™ platform is expected to serve tens of millions of users over the next few years.TMRW provides 100% physical and digital monitoring chains through RFID technology to protect and track eggs, embryos and sperm.

It is estimated that by 2100, 300 million babies worldwide will be born through in vitro fertilization.So the need for ivf clinics to automate the management of germ cells has never been more important.Almost all of these new babies come from vitrified or quick-frozen cells.Today, such clinics are responsible for managing more than 100 million frozen germ cells, a scale that represents a safety management challenge for current artificial simulations.

TMRW's SaaS digital monitoring chain platform aims to address widely reported sample management issues in the fertility field, including egg and embryo loss due to human error and implantation errors.TMRW's five major clinical partners, which account for 10 percent of all ivf activity in the United States, are preparing for commercial rollout in the first quarter of 2020.

Joshua Abram, founder and co-chief executive of TMRW, said: "those parents don't have to worry about the safety of their vitrified eggs and embryos.Working with leading physicians, embryologists, and laboratory directors, TMRW has created an integrated ivfOS™ platform that combines innovative RFID technology with the highest standards of refrigeration management to provide parents with the assurance that the core germ cells they conceive are safe."

"We look forward to the future of TMRW," said Andy Schwab, managing partner at 5AM Ventures. "TMRW's contribution is necessary and important in the context of the hundreds of millions of babies expected to be born as a result of advances in ivf technology."

With the series B round of funding closed, TMRW named Melanie Goldey, a veteran, as chief operating officer and chief financial officer.Before joining TMRW, Goldey was the chief financial officer of Refinery29, a leading diversified female media brand.Goldey was instrumental in Refinery29's recent merger with VICE Media, the world's largest independent digital Media company, creating a value of $4 billion.Before that, Goldey was an executive at Everyday Health, guiding the company through multiple acquisitions and a successful IPO that sold the company to Ziff Davis for $500 million.

"Goldey's work history has been extremely helpful to TMRW.She has a track record of rapidly and effectively expanding innovation and creating value for all stakeholders.""Said Alan Murray, co-founder of TMRW.

Goldey said, "I came to TMRW with a combination of many long-standing passions: technical experience, consumer-centric healthcare, and taking the company to the next level so that their innovative solutions can reach as many people as possible quickly.The founders and team at TMRW have brought the company to such a turning point, and I am delighted to be here as we move from successful clinical research to commercial promotion."

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