How To Use Towel To Clean The LCD Screen

How To Use Towel To Clean The LCD Screen

Date:Aug 10, 2019

LCD products look like they are at home for a long time, and the screen will inevitably accumulate some dust and oil. With Towel, how to accurately remove dirt and not damage the LCD screen?

According to a comprehensive analysis by the relevant technical personnel, if the dust is unfortunately contaminated on the screen, the use of ordinary liquid crystal touch cloth should be too much deionized water or a public scrubbing agent to quietly, and the choice of environmentally friendly spraying method is very good. The Towel is covered in moisture and not too wet. The common scrubbing of the special Towel is harder and more detailed than ordinary washing, and it is not easy to damage the LCD screen, and it can also eliminate the electrostatic effect. Can't I use a normal soft cloth or paper towel to wash water or oil?

The answer is that it is best not to do this.

Because normal soft cloth, even Towel, and paper towels look difficult, they are true surface fiber LCD screens that are "gentle" rough, inevitably scratching the screen surface and extending the life of the LCD screen.

Use Towel to clean the screen with water, if they will clean the water to the outside TV, it will short circuit and the board will burn out. For oily sewage, water inside. And alcohol as an organic solvent, easy to dissolve the LCD screen protection especially on the surface of the insulating layer, so the landing LCD screen display function

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