Impinj Announces Small UHF RFID Chips With Greater Sensitivity

Impinj Announces Small UHF RFID Chips With Greater Sensitivity

Date:Dec 18, 2019

Dec 05, 2019—Impinj has released the first two products in its Impinj M700 RAIN UHF RFID series of integrated circuits that it says are smaller by half than other UHF RFID chips on the market. The company reports that the new chips, known as the M730 and M750, along with future M700 series products, will be more sensitive and have a greater bandwidth in order to operate in the European, North American and Asian markets. The ICs also feature a functionality known as "protected mode" so that they can be rendered invisible for security and privacy purposes, and then be turned back on by authorized users.

The company developed the ICs based on improved manufacturing processes, as well as through engineering of the chips themselves, says Chris Diorio, Impinj's CEO. "The M700 series is a family of products using some fundamental technology advancements," he states. One result, Diorio adds, is that twice as many chips can be built onto a single wafer than with other UHF RFID chips, allowing twice as many inlays Additionally, he says, sensitivity is about 10 percent higher than for similar chips.

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