Inflatable Pool Cleaning

Inflatable Pool Cleaning

Date:Jul 22, 2019

Inflatable pool cleaning

a. Use the Inflatable pool head once a day to wipe the Inflatable pool wall once;

b. Use the Inflatable pool bottom dusting head once a day to perform a vacuum treatment on the swimming Inflatable pool;

c. Clean the Inflatable pool filter bag twice a day, especially after vacuuming;

d. When the number of swimming pools is particularly large, the number of times of cleaning the Inflatable pool filter bag should be increased as appropriate, one time / 3 hours (while swimming);

e. Inflatable pool bag cleaning requirements are placed on the filter bag shelf, and rinsed with water front and back;

f. More Inflatable Pools must use the leaf net to remove too many leaves and clean the filter in time to avoid clogging the filter.

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