Japanese Hospitals, Stores Deploy RFID Smart Shelves

Japanese Hospitals, Stores Deploy RFID Smart Shelves

Date:Dec 18, 2019

Dec 06, 2019—Hospitals and stores in Japan have been rolling out an RFID-enabled shelf system that provides real-time data regarding when products are stocked on or removed from shelves. Recently, Osaka's Kitano Hospital has launched the passive UHF RFID system for the processing and distribution of medical supplies. They system enables hospitals to track when catheters are stored in its cabinets, as well as when they are removed, require replenishment or are set to expire. The solution, known as Recopick, is provided by Japanese chemical, pharmaceutical and information technology company Teijin, which is currently only selling the solution in Japan.

A department store, which has asked to remain unnamed, is among the latest retailers to deploy the solution. The system consists of passive UHF RFID tags attached to display shoes in the store's shoe department, as well as smart shelves and a software platform to identify every time a shoe is removed from the shelf—and when it is not returned.

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