Mini Arcade Machine Extra Game

Mini Arcade Machine Extra Game

Date:Nov 01, 2019

Switch sales are still strong.In its latest earnings release, nintendo said it sold about 4.8 million Switch units in the three months from July to September, up 50 percent from a year earlier.

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At present, the cumulative global sales volume of Switch has reached 41.67 million.Given that the console has only been available in hybrid form for more than two years, it clearly has plenty of room to grow.

The other big console, SONY's playstation 4, was launched three years before the Switch, selling more than 100 million units, making it the fastest selling home console in generations.But if Switch can keep growing at its current rate, it won't be difficult to reach billion in the next 3-5 years.

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Nintendo will release its Switch sales chart in April when it reports results

The Switch's strong performance this quarter was driven by nintendo's new hardware, Switch Lite.The more handheld device, which went on sale on Sept. 20, sold about 170,000 units in the first three days in Japan, according to Japanese game magazine Fami.We won't know how sales will perform until the next quarter.

Nintendo's 3DS is still in production and sales, with only 370,000 units sold in the quarter, down 62.9 percent from a year earlier, and the console's life cycle is expected to end in the next year or two.

Strong hardware growth is also driving Switch sales.

Strong hardware growth is also driving Switch sales.Nintendo also updated its first-party games, which have sold more than one million units on the platform, as well as the latest figures:

"Mario racing 8 deluxe edition" : 19.01 million "nintendo star ported special edition" : 15.71 million "super Mario Odyssey" : 15.38 million "the legend of zelda breath of the desert" : 14.54 million "the fairy treasure can dream Let 's Go! Pikachu/ibrahimovic" : 11.28 million "jet fighter 2" : 9.28 million "super Mali's party" : 7.59 million "new super Mario brothers U" : 4.59 million "super Mario creators 2" : 3.93 million "the legend of zelda weave the dream island: 3.13 million

Nintendo still maintained its goal of selling 18 million Switch consoles and 125 million games in the fiscal year.This means that by March 2020, the cumulative Switch sales will reach 52.74 million units, surpassing the 49.1 million set by nintendo SFC.

Nintendo's mobile revenue, meanwhile, was essentially flat from the previous quarter.During the quarter, nintendo released two mobile games: Mario's doctor's world, a three-game game, and Mario's racing mobile game, which has been downloaded 123 million times, the most in the first month of any nintendo mobile game game.

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